BBQ and Gathering

BBQ / Gathering -- Venue Booking Procedure:

  1. Enter into the booking calendar: Name of teacher(s), name of group, number of students
  2. Separate booking for rear playground and covered playground
  3. Please be considerate and do not make more than ONE booking for your group.
  4. The teacher/student ratio must be > 1 : 25.
  5. Please complete and return the BBQ safety and BBQ cleanliness checklist the next day after BBQ

BBQ / Gathering Reminder

Students’ conduct:

  1. Acquire parents’ written consent
  2. Permitted wears only
  3. Stay within the covered rear playground. No unauthorized entry to staff rooms, the upper floors and other areas out of the teacher’s sight.
  4. Take attendance before and after to ensure safety
  5. No early leavers / leave the school together
  6. Students joining BBQ or gathering must come to school before 5:30 p.m. and leave the school before 9:00p.m.

Cleanliness and safety

  1. Put newspaper and the aluminium tray under the BBQ grill to avoid defacing the playground
  2. Put garbage into the trash cart (at the rear staircase) at the end of the activity—NOT into the bins at the covered playground
  3. Sweep the ground to remove the last bits of charcoal
  4. Do NOT sweep the charcoal into the drains
  5. Burnt charcoal and ashes should be emptied into the metal container.
  6. Put everything exactly back in place
  7. Flash light switch: 1st floor switch room—no entry for students

Care for the Environment

  1. Participants MUST bring reusable utensils for BBQ / Gathering.
  2. Please reuse BBQ skewers --available at the SU.
  3. Please reduce the use of disposable items as far as possible.

BBQ clean-up and safety codes: please restore equipment after use